Writer based in Chengdu, China

I am a journalist and essayist whose work has appeared in Deadspin, New York, VICE, Foreign Policy, The Economist and more. Broadly speaking, my work focuses on Chinese popular culture, subcultures and urbanism. 

Twitter: @lrntex

Email: teixeira.lauren@gmail.com


My writing

New York, March 2020

Account of a bike trip I took through the countryside during coronavirus lockdown

LARB China Channel, January 2020

Short essay about being depressed and wandering around Chengdu in the first days of the virus year

Disegno, December 2019

Scathing review of Beijing Daxing International Airport

Deadspin, October 2019

An interview with the Hebei peasant Twitter sensation Liu Shichao

Foreign Policy, October 2019

analyzing the government's list of 86 approved TV shows

Foreign Policy, August 2019

Fangirl nationalists deploy over the firewall to defend their idol (China)

The Economist, August 2019

Social media tourism on steroids

Foreign Policy, July 2019

More on idol culture and geopolitics

Current Affairs, June 2019

My materialist analysis of the beloved and much-rebooted teen soap opera Hana Yori Dango.

In a nation of tea drinkers, coffee is taking off

The Economist, May 2018

My report on the rise of coffee in China

Beijing's Propaganda is Playing the Trade War Safe

Foreign Policy, May 2018

Analysis of how domestic media is spinning the trade war for FP

Kitchen Confidential

+852, May 2019

Story about homestyle sichuan cooking for HK airlines inflight magazine

Building China: Gating and Enclosure

April 2019

Building China 4. About the introverted tendency in Chinese architecture and urban planning

Building China: Rise of the Superblock

March 2019

Building China 3. How China came to adopt superblock planning long after the model was discredited

Building China: Staying Warm in the Winter

February 2019

Building China 2. Discussing why it is half of China has no indoor heat and how people stay warm

Economist 1843, January 2019

Short essay about life in China's old work-unit housing

Building China: Big Hat Buildings

December 2018

Building China 1 about why post-Liberation architecture tends to capped with a clunky Chinese "hat"

Silkwinds, January 2019

Feature for Singapore Airlines in-flight magazine January issue on Chengdu street art

Foreign Policy, November 2018

Reflections on the brouhaha at last years's Golden Horse awards in Taiwan

Foreign Policy, November 2018

Essay on the "little fresh meat" phenomenon

Noisey, October 2018

Rundown of the Chengdu hip-hop scene

SupChina, June 2018

Feature on the decline of Beijing's artist villages

LA Review of Books China Channel, April 2018

Essay about the popularity of the youth nostalgia film genre in China

Noisey, January 2018

A profile of China's rising trap stars, the Higher Brothers



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